My grandmother doesn’t feel safe!!!

My grandmother doesn’t feel safe, ever since my grandfather passed away 6 months ago.

You know, they had been married for 62 years. That’s a long time to be with someone and then one day, they are gone. My grandmother was a wonderful homemaker for the last 30 years of marriage, and my grandfather was able to retire 25 years ago. So, you see, she was never without him. Every morning she would wake up early to make him breakfast and to clean the house. She also made sure all doctor appointments and family meetings were arranged and all he had to do was be there. Now, it seems as though, she feels like she has no one to take care of.

My mother and father live about 5 hours away, so they are not able to take care of her or visit as much as they like. Because of that, I living about 10 minutes away, and thank goodness my grandmother and I have a great relationship, try to visit as much as possible, given the fact that I too am a homemaker. I go to her home about 4 days a week and she is always telling me how lonely she feels and at night is the worst part. She says that it’s too quiet, and every little noise seems to make her jump. She was also explaining to me that she had been talking to some of her neighbors at the neighborhood watch meeting, and there had been a few break ins recently about 3 blocks over. We are talking about an 85 year old woman, who lives alone, so now her first conclusion is to get scared. She now calls me about 3 times a week at night and asks for my husband to come over to check out her house because she thinks she hears someone outside her home.

My husband and I sat down with her last night, after another phone call for help, and spoke with her about how we could help to make her feel safer. We read some reviews online about security systems. We told her we would put extra locks on all the windows, put a new dead bolt on both, the front door and back door, and also buy her the best home security company to monitoring the homeĀ inside and out. We will set them up so that not only she view the footage but we also could see it from our home computer as well. She felt absolutely relieved.

Today my husband is out buying all the equipment; deadbolts, locks, and security cameras and is going to install it as we speak. My grandmother is so excited and thankful. She is always telling me that I am such a good girl and married such a good man and what in the world would she do without us. We feel great about what we are doing for her and what makes us feel even better is knowing that she will be able to feel safer in her home and she doesn’t feel scared to be alone. But, that will not stop us from visiting her but, maybe it will stop the late night phone calls so much.

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