How We Started

Sometimes, I amaze myself because I am still alive despite what I’ve done in life. I had traveled to different places, ate all sorts of things and even get to experience what it was like going to college. Now that I am a dad, I am having the time of my life and I want to talk about something serious. It’s about safety and security. The reason why I created this website is because I’ve read a couple of people’s stories online and one of them hit close to home. I almost had a near death experience with an ex girlfriend that turned out to be a psycho and wanted to kill me.

Years ago, I had to break up with her for a couple of reasons. One of them was she was too controlling, don’t have much of a personality and she is violent. Look at her now. She’s in jail and there’s a couple of reasons why. She wanted to get a knife but I got up to her in time. She was aiming to go into the kitchen and before she had the chance to get it, I stopped her. I didn’t hit her but pulled a defensive move that I knew from doing karate. I am glad that I know how to fight because without this skill, I might have been dead.

After she got arrested, I went back to having a normal life. I would never forget what she had put me and my family through because of what she did. Fortunately, nobody else was home and I was home alone. She made my family pay to replace our doors and windows. I hope she would never find me and my family because I am somewhat scared that someday, she will try again. As long as she’s in jail, I feel better. I have 2 kids and they are wonderful. My wife immigrated here from Japan and I love her very much.